A new app debuts that takes the guess work out of street parking rules

Parking in big cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco can be a nightmare. Parking spaces are extremely hard to find and the rules that govern the city’s available parking can be confusing and many times change depending on the hour of the day and whether or not it’s a weekday or weekend. In a recent study, they found that the average driver may spend as much as 83 hours a year driving up and down crowded streets trying to find a place to park, which adds to a large city’s already hectic traffic jams.

The good news is cities such as San Francisco are seeing a silver lining to this parking epidemic with a new Curb Explorer tool from Coord, a company backed by Sidewalk Labs. The parking app is becoming the perfect solution for drivers trying to navigate busy urban streets and parking lots. The new project is to being deemed “code the curb,” a description used by Coord’s CEO Stephen in a post on Medium.

According to Coord, the company’s team went out onto the commercial corridors of San Francisco, where they took photos of parking signs, bus stops, fire hydrants, and other features that determine how and when a curbside can be used. They then used an app that analyzed each photo to come up with parking information that could then be translated into rules individualized for each area. These rules were mapped out for easy viewing for drivers to access while on the road. The color-coded map includes red curbs, which indicate no-parking areas. Dark blue zones are for paid parking and light blue indicates free parking zones.

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