At Elite Parking, we like to stay informed about industry trends including technology. The challenges the parking industry faces may differ significantly around the globe, but technology is bridging the gaps. The Global Parking Association Leaders (GPALs) Summit, a group comprised of parking associations from around the world, recently took a survey that involved parking professionals from 21 countries. The results revealed some basic similarities along with a few country-specific differences.

How Valet Parking Increases Restaurant Revenue

In most major cities valet parking is a common site especially when it comes to restaurants. There is always a valet stand with an attendant ready and waiting to relieve you of your car, and end the annoying pursuit to find an open parking space nearby. The fact is that valet not only serves an important function at most restaurants but it can also increase a restaurant’s revenue in several ways.

In larger cities it’s pretty common to find a line of restaurants tucked away off of very busy streets. People looking to stop in and eat have a couple of choices. They can look for an empty metered spot, find a parking space in a garage or lot or pull up right in front of the restaurant and step out to have a valet driver take care of it for them. Most people will choose the last option.

Many restaurant owners know that having the right parking solution during the peak seasons is key to running a successful business. Here are a few ways that valet parking pays-off in the end.

Keeps regular customers coming back

Parking can be a major issue if you are in a big city, especially if your restaurant is situated downtown. The one thing customers dislike is not being able to find a parking space. This keeps many potential customers away and regulars from coming back.  Valet ensures that regulars and first time customers will always have a place to park even during the season.

Valet is affordable

Applying for a parking permit with the city is expensive and many times nearby lots are already taken. Thriving cities are rarely have an excess of parking spots and developments where parking is feasible. Even if you plan to rent or purchase a parking lot of your own, you may run into times where all the parking spots surrounding your block are already full.

Hiring a valet service is the best way to assure your customers are not frustrated, left circling for an hour around the block just to find an empty parking spot. It’s a small investment that creates a carefree parking situation for each of your guests. Most businesses find that the investment pays off, even leading to an increase in revenue in the end.

Elite Parking oversees parking logistics for Miami Beach wedding

Elite Parking recently handled the parking logistics for a large private wedding on Miami Beach. Given the home site and limited parking, Elite strategically planned a parking solution to accommodate more than 200 guests by renting a lot and offering a shuttle service to the guests attending the wedding.

The wedding was for the daughter of a local hotel management professional and held at 6060 Indian Creek, Miami Beach.

Father of the bride, Silverio Lantigua, the General Manger of Ramada in Miami was extremely satisfied with the valet parking management during the event.

“They did an awesome job. Everything went very well. We had about 225 people in attendance and every one of them was happy with the company’s service and attendants professionalism,” said Lantigua

Elite Parking is experienced when it comes to determining the logistics necessary when it comes to special events such as weddings and receptions.  They meet with clients well in advance of the event to plan out the logistics and acquire the right permitting. Their highly-trained staff know how to avoid traffic jams and congestion problems due to miscalculations when it comes to vehicle and guest counts.

Elite Parking assumes parking operations at Aventura Marina II in Aventura

After another valet company walks out of a complicated parking operation at Aventura Marina II; Elite Parking steps in with 4-hour notice. Elite management first worked to organize and stabilize the operation, and then introduced a state-of-the-art, technology SMS Valet software to fully automate the operation.

“This SMS system allows residents to request their car via the app on their phone and even validate their guests parking fees through the app,” said Ruben Pérez-Sánchez, Managing Member at Elite Parking.

SMS stands for short messaging system and is the world’s first paperless valet system. The patent­-pending technology allows parking management to streamline operations and expedite the valet process. The mobile valet system relies on text messages for vehicle registration, so paper tickets are not necessary. Guests can request their vehicles by simply replying to an initial text message they receive at check-in.

Elite Parking is very familiar with both residential, hotel and multi-use parking management. They are highly-versed in the latest parking technology, including efficient mobile management systems and cloud surveillance. All of their staff goes through an extensive hiring process, which is followed by ample training, to make sure that all personnel are professional and know how to cater to each resident or guests needs.