At Elite Parking, we like to stay informed about industry trends including technology. The challenges the parking industry faces may differ significantly around the globe, but technology is bridging the gaps. The Global Parking Association Leaders (GPALs) Summit, a group comprised of parking associations from around the world, recently took a survey that involved parking professionals from 21 countries. The results revealed some basic similarities along with a few country-specific differences.

October Employee of the Month

Elite wants to congratulate Alex Rosa for receiving October’s employee of the month! Rosa started working for Elite Parking a little over nine years ago and began his career as the parking manager of the Marea Condo and the South of 5th Garage. His hard work and dedication also assumed him the position as manager of Elite Parking’s newest account ETARU Restaurant – part of the ZUMA Group. As the manager of both properties, he handles all areas of operations including: managing parking facilities to client’s expectations, providing “white glove service” and building a great relationship with the property’s management and their residence. He also oversees the hiring of staff and provides on-site training, as well as payroll, tracking tickets and completing daily reports.

Alex is a native of Dominican Republic, but relocated permanently to Miami with his family in 2003. When not at work, he likes to spend time with his wife and two kids, with a new addition to the family on the way. He began working in the parking industry in 2003 and brings an education and background in accounting. Alex looks forward to pursuing his career in parking management.

Alex Rosa

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Is “white glove service” a thing of the past?

In the fast moving society that we live in today, the focus on customer service is slowly fading away. The friendly faces of bank tellers are being replaced with a computer monitor. Instead of getting our bill from a delightful waiter, we can push a few buttons on a tablet and settle our check ourselves. Is it really a convenience? Sometimes, but what if want to experience the true meaning behind “white glove service”?

When we think of “white glove service’,  it conjures up an image of grandeur, like the famous Plaza Hotel bellhops in New York City. We tend to think that the only people who should be polite, professional and attentive are anyone who wears a pair of white gloves. Unfortunately, the expectation of going above and beyond for a client or guest has fallen flat when it comes to industries such as valet service and parking. Once the term valet was synonymous with the highest caliber of service. Today many property managers and building associations are disenchanted with the decline of the traditional role valet attendants play in providing guests with 5-star service.

Ruben Perez-Sanchez, a managing member at Elite Parking, noticed a decline in ‘white glove service” within the local parking industry. He saw the opportunity to build something better, a new wave of parking management when he joined the company. “We are dedicated to bringing back white glove service to the industry by putting in place employees that are well-trained and value our company’s core value,” said Perez-Sanchez.

Elite Parking was founded and based in South Florida, and is a premier parking solution provider with a long history in Miami. Elite was founded by Alfred Lariviere, a visionary in the Miami Beach parking and valet industry, and recently joined by Ruben Perez-Sanchez a technology entrepreneur. Both businessmen are Miami Beach natives and have seen South Beach evolve into the international paradise that it is today.

“Every day, we work with various hoteliers, property managers and HOA’s to implement parking staff that is both efficient and dedicated to providing pristine service,” explains Perez-Sanchez. “We’re constantly challenging ourselves to raise the bar when it comes to delivering a higher-caliber of service.” A few examples of how Elite Parking helps their clients maintain luxury standards in parking include:

Holding monthly training meetings for all employees

“In the parking industry, especially in the luxury sector, people expect excellent service matched with discretion. Many of the residents who live in an ultra-luxury building expect complete unanimity,” said Perez-Sanchez. Elite Parking provides a formal employee training program upon hire, as well as monthly training meetings to assure their standards are met. The front line to providing great service many times resides in the proper training of employees who come into contact with residents and guests on a day-to-day basis.

A parking company with a hands-on management style

Growth can play a key factor in monitoring employees and maintaining a company’s standards. Many times a parking company may grow too large for corporate management to control the daily or even monthly on goings within a property. “Unlike some of our larger competitors, we can have a hands-on approach with the parking management of our properties,” said Perez-Sanchez. “This really helps us stay on top of each of our clients needs and requirements.”

Employee of the Month: Brownson Vilceant

Huge congrats to Brownson Vilceant for receiving May’s employee of the month! Brownson started working for Elite Parking in April 2016 and quickly rose up to assume the Valet Manager’s position at Mediterranean Village in Aventura. He is responsible for handling a variety of areas including: managing parking facilities to clients expectations, providing “white glove service” and building a great relationship with both residence and property management. He also oversees the hiring of staff and provides on-site training, as well as payroll, tracking tickets and completing daily reports. Brownson embodies the core values of Elite Parking and  exemplifies the meaning of team leadership.

Brownson is a native of Haiti, but relocated more than six years ago with his family here to Miami. He began working in the parking industry about four years ago and quickly realized his desire to pursue it as a career path. He was hired by Elite Parking a year ago and within six short months was promoted to the Supervisor’s position. Brownson looks forward to continuing his career in parking management.

Brownson Vilceant
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