At Elite Parking, we like to stay informed about industry trends including technology. The challenges the parking industry faces may differ significantly around the globe, but technology is bridging the gaps. The Global Parking Association Leaders (GPALs) Summit, a group comprised of parking associations from around the world, recently took a survey that involved parking professionals from 21 countries. The results revealed some basic similarities along with a few country-specific differences.

Elite Parking continues with its growth strategy with the addition of The Hall Hotel

Elite Parking continues with its growth strategy with the addition of The Hall Hotel on Collins Avenue. A landmark Art Deco hotel in Miami Beach reopened as The Hall.

Formerly the Haddon Hall hotel, the property is a 126-room boutique hotel. Elite Parking will be managing the Ramp, Guest and visitor Valet Parking among other services. The building features a courtyard with an indoor/outdoor restaurant, beer garden, library, bar and swimming pool. Haddon Hall, located at 1500 Collins Avenue, was built in 1940.

Elite Partnership – Specialty Car Services

Elite Parking prides itself on partnering up with some of the top service providers in the industry. We believe that it’s important to be an expert in your sector and leave the services outside of the valet/parking industry to professionals who specialize in that area. That’s why we have aligned ourselves with Specialty Car Services. Since 1993, SCS has offered only the best in automobile maintenance and repair services to South Florida residents. They now offer concierge service for those clients who require service needs for their car, truck, or fleet vehicles. The professionals at Specialty Car Services will arrange pickup and drop off for all serviced automobiles as a courtesy.

Adam Yunis is the owner/founder of SCS and is a well-known, automotive service provider in South Florida. He Knows how important it is to be experienced when it comes to working certain vehicles especially the luxury lines. “If someone doesn’t know how to properly charge a battery in say something such a new Porsche, it could result in ruining the entire computer. An incredibly expensive repair! We see it all the time,” said Yunis.

Specialty Car Services hires only the top technicians in the area. “We require all our guys have a complete background check and make sure they are familiar with the properties, said Yunis. “We cater to our clients and go the extra mile by doing things like charging up their batteries and keeping the cars clean, washed and fueled up. We eliminate possibility for unnecessary problems.”

Through Elite’s partnership with Specialty Car Services, we can offer our properties access to state-of-the-art equipment and OEM diagnostic systems. The same type of equipment and high-end service found at local dealerships but at a competitive price. Specialty’s automotive mechanics are all ASE trained and certified and ready to accomplish any service required, from a simple oil change to any major engine repair. SCS has both a mechanical shop and body shop on site. A few of the services offered include:

  1. Tire replacement
  2. Brake services
  3. Air conditioning repair & service
  4. Fluid & filter replacement
  5. Battery charges
  6. Fuel ups and detailing

Specialty Car Services

12930 SW 85th Ave Rd.
Miami, FL 33126
(786) 693-6262
Owner, Adam Yunis contact: (305)216-9919


Roy Bram contact: (786) 444-5926


How employee training plays an integral part in loss prevention

Elite Parking takes great measures to make sure that all the employees they hire are both competent and well-trained prior to stepping onto one of our properties. We place providing ‘first class’ customer service as our company’s main goal and believe that taking extra measures when it comes to employee training cuts down on high-turnover rates. All of our employees must attend a monthly in-house training boot-camp. For those employees who don’t adhere to our policies, we insist on them attending the training on a weekly basis.

Understanding loss prevention

Loss prevention is the concept of establishing and ensuring that certain policies and procedures are put in place in an effort to prevent the loss of money or unnecessary damages in a business environment. Developing a good employee training program that covers this concept will help reduce the frequency that these losses occur or in some cases prevent the loss from happening at all.

Steps Elite Parking takes to prevent loss

When a company experiences a loss, it affects their ability to be profitable. Damages, theft and unstructured employee time can cost a business to lose monies that cannot be replaced. Elite Parking works with a hands-on training approach with all of their current and potential employees.

Elite’s training and daily procedures include the following:

  • Wearing of name tags and greeting each guest with a smile
  • Record book with the location, date and a review of days events
  • Checking each car as they arrive for damages and note said damages
  • Ticket etiquette such as writing the date/time car arrives and patrons requests on each ticket
  • Ramp manager’s are solely responsible for delivering tickets and cash to operations manager

Elite Parking Revenue Controls was recently revamped to encompass the monitoring of day-to-day operations including: video surveillance at all locations; parking software automation; ticket tracking; employee tracking; vehicle tracking and key tracking.