Parking management industry continues to grow with adoption of IoT

While there are many factors driving the global parking management market, an increase of drivers on the roadways and a shortage of on-street parking remain at the top of the list. Technological advancements and the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices are also a driving force in the continued growth in the global parking management sector.

“In places such as Miami, street parking is becoming a thing of the past and the city is continuing to grow. Elite Parking tries to stay on the forefront by adapting the right technology to meet our clients and the areas growing needs,” said Elite’s Managing Member, Ruben Perez-Sanchez

Now more than ever, parking management has become a crucial part of a city’s planning efforts. The continued building of high rises and multi-unit dwellings will drive parking needs and the adoption of systems to effectively run them.

IoT mixed with mobile capabilities it making it easier for people to advance reserve parking, determine the availability of parking, and make mobile payments. The ease of using mobile devices to make driving and parking less hectic is fueling future growth of Big Data in parking management as well.

According to Perez-Sanchez, more cities including Miami, Jacksonville and Atlanta will see a rise in the adoption of parking management systems by commercial and residential sites, parking garages, multistoried parking facilities, and mass transit.

Unfortunately, some areas may not see advances when it comes to technology in the global parking management market. Smaller or less developed economies may lack the funding to stay of the forefront of the changing needs of parking. High installation and maintenance costs of IoT driven solutions are also major factors that hamper growth within certain markets.

Elite Parking provides seamless parking logistics during Miami’s exclusive events

The parking management industry is divided up into various sectors including hotel/condo, restaurant, mass transit, hospitals and schools. There is also the area of event parking management, which requires knowledgeof parking logistics and the ability to analyze a venue’s capacity and layout prior to every event.

Elite Parking prides itself on their ability to design a valet parking service that’s able to meet each client’s needs. Elle Becerra, the owner of Events by Elle, Inc. in Miami, is one of Elite’s valued clients. Each one of her events requires the utmost in discretion due to the wishes of her many VIP clientele.

Event parking can be diverse and takes pre-planning

An events venue can vary in many aspects, so seeing the property prior to the event is crucial. Elite has worked on a variety of events and handles all aspects from permitting to a quick post event breakdown.

“Elite has provided valet parking management services for a couple of our recent events including a private wedding, which was held at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. We had between 175-200 people, many of them VIP’s so it was imperative that this event went smoothly,” said Becerra.

Elite is also experienced at providing parking solutions for smaller, more private events

“We also hired Elite to oversee the parking of a recent baby shower for someone with celebrity status. We had about 80 guests and their staff was very professional, discrete, well-dressed, on-time and punctual,” explained Becerra.

“They come. They do their job and leave. They made my job so easy. The whole process was smooth and seamless,” continued Becerra.

Event planning for VIP clientele

Events by Elle offers full-service event coordination based in Miami, Fl. They strive to create a memorable, successful event and delightful planning experience for each one of their clients. Events by Elle plans the following types of events: theme parties, weddings, private events, corporate events, charity events, just name a few. They were recently featured in Southern Bride Magazine.

“We do a lot of high-end events. It’s easier to be a valet at a hotel, because there’s not a lot of logistical planning. But for events you have to adapt to the venue. A lot more difficult. Elite came to see the space ahead of time to scope out the site prior to event day,” said Becerra.

Elite Parking oversees each client’s event parking needs including setup and tracking of events, pre-payment of event permits, and event permit sales in the field. Elite provides straight-forward, well thought out, logistical planning so that the parking management of each event is pain-free and successful.

April’s Employee of the Month

Elite Parking wants to congratulate Alex Di Marco for receiving March’s employee of the month! Di Marco started with Elite Parking about 12 years ago. He has more than 19 years of parking management experience. His knowledge and dedication to excellence led him to assume the role of Director of Operations at Elite Parking six years ago. He handles all areas of operations including: the managing of parking operations at each one of Elite’s properties; adhering to each luxury property’s expectations; creating and building a great relationship with both the property management and their residents and providing “white glove service”. He also oversees staff recruitment and hiring, on-site training, payroll, scheduling and the creation of property reports.

Di Marco is originally from Argentina, but has resided in Miami for 14 years. He spends time with his wife and two children when not overseeing the parking operations at Elite. Di Marco studied and received a degree in Social Communications while living in Argentina. He has a passion for sports, having played professional soccer in Argentina.

Parking management considers rising needs of EV Charging Stations

There is a rise in the demand for the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations nationwide.
Especially within the past two years, leaving some jurisdictions requiring parking facilities to provide
electric conduit, which would create the infrastructure for the addition of more charging stations in the
future. Clients are forecasted to continue to try to meet their need for more stations as the EV industry
grows and more staff, employees, and customers require such need.

In a recent Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report, the Electric Vehicle Outlook forecasts, “The
EV revolution is going to hit the car market even harder and faster than BNEF predicted a year ago. EVs
are on track to accelerate to 54% of new car sales by 2040. Tumbling battery prices mean that EVs will
have lower lifetime costs, and will be cheaper to buy, than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in most
countries by 2025-29.”

According to Elite’s Managing Member, Ruben Perez-Sanchez, this means that parking management
companies need to be prepared to provide easier accessibility to these stations, especially for those who
are disabled.

“Parking industry professionals need to consider better ways to provide access to these stations,” said

Organizations such as The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) currently does not address a methodology for the installation of accessible electric vehicle charging stations, but a federal agency
called the United States Access Board does advise that parking facilities address concerns for the access
to EV charging stations by people with disabilities prior to installation.

Some of the concepts addressed included:

EV charging stations should not count towards the minimum number of accessible vehicle parking
spaces required in a parking facility.

There should be a number of charging stations, which are dedicated to people in wheelchairs and have
an accessible path.

Consideration needs to be taken when locating the right spot for these stations so that cords do not
block pedestrian paths or accessible routes when plugged into a vehicle.

Accessible EV charging spaces should adhere to the same plans used to distribute other ADA parking
spaces on-site.

Charging equipment should not block access aisles or parking spaces.

The ADA globally addresses the concept of providing equivalent facilitation for EV charging stations.
Within their guidelines they suggest that parking facilities with existing EV charging stations, but no
adequate accessibility apply the same standards used with other accessibility requirements.

Elite oversees yearly holiday event at Xporta Inc

Elite Parking managed and oversaw the valet parking for Xporta’s recent holiday party to celebrate the
end of the year. More than 300 people attended a party thrown in honor of Roca Tile USA, a world-wide
leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing of high-quality ceramic tiles.

“They did a great job for us. We were very happy with their work,” said Xporta President, Pablo

Xporta Inc. was founded in 199 and is located at 1444 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite #212, Miami, Fl. It’s a
private U.S. company that encourages investment and trade between the United States and any foreign
country. They work closely with private companies and foreign government agencies in maintaining,
increasing and promoting their products in the U.S and Latin American markets through areas including
operation set-up; management consulting and international business development.

“It was great working with Xporta, and we look forward to providing event parking solutions for their
diverse clientele in the future,” said Elite’s Managing Member, Ruben Perez-Sanchez.

Elite Parking is premier parking management company headquarters in the heart of the Miami Design
District. They service all areas of Southeast Florida including: Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Brickell,
Midtown, Design District, Wynwood and Coconut Grove. They specialize in parking services such as
parking management, valet parking, parking planning, technology integration, staffing and training and
marketing programs.

Elite Parking oversees valet parking for David Grutman’s new restaurant, Planta

Elite is excited to be handling the parking operations for Planta, a Toronto plant-based eatery, which
recently opened its door in Miami Beach.

“We are happy to be part of this new venture by ensuring to uphold the company’s standards and make
sure that each guest’s experience is impeccable from the beginning to the end,” said Elite’s Managing
Partner Ruben Perez Sanchez.

Planta debut in early 2018, and is in partnership with David Grutman, the Miami hospitality
entrepreneur best known for area favorites including: Komodo in Brickell; LIV at the Fontainebleau and
OTL in the Design District.

According to Grutman, who avoids dairy and egg products, Planta will attract culinary aficionados from
all walks including carnivores who will come just for the amazing food and music.

The concept behind the restaurant space is to blend great mixology, music, and food all into one exciting
experience that draws people in whether they are looking for lunch or dinner.

Planta is located at 850 Commerce Street, Miami Beach and has an extensive menu including dishes
such as coconut ceviche, cauliflower tots, a burger, plant-based crab cakes and an “18-carrot” dog. The restaurant also offers a vegetable sushi bar and cold-pressed cocktails.

Elite understands that the first touch of customer service restaurant guests receive is through their valet
representative, so we strive to set high industry standards of guest service. Elite’s valets are always
ready to serve every guest with a smile and professionalism. Each of their valets are well-trained and
know how to efficiently deal with guests, getting them promptly back into their cars and on the road.

February’s Employee of the Month

Elite Parking wants to congratulate Hamilton Ramirez for receiving February’s employee of the month!
Ramirez started working for Elite Parking a little over five years ago. He quickly rose up to assume the
parking manager role at Casablanca on the Ocean Hotel two years ago. As the manager of the upscale,
Miami Beach property, he handles all areas of operations including: the managing of the facilities
parking to client’s expectations; building a great relationship with residence and the property’s
management and providing “white glove service”. He also oversees the payroll, scheduling, hiring of
staff, provides on-site training, tracks tickets and completes daily reports.

Ramirez is a Miami native, having grown up and spending much of his youth in Kendall. After graduating,
he went onto continue his education at Miami Dade College. He looks forward to continuing his career
in the parking management industry.

Elite Parking provides exclusive valet services for world-renowned Estiatorio Milos

Elite Parking is excited to be overseeing the valet parking operations for one of the most vibrant restaurants in South Beach; Estiatorio Milos.

Elite Parking is known throughout Southeast Florida for providing first-class valet and parking and logistics to a variety of venues that include luxury hotels, full-scale parking garages, residences and fine dining establishments.

“We are happy to be chosen as the valet service provider for such a prestigious restaurant group, which is recognized throughout the world as one of the finest Mediterranean seafood restaurants,” said Elite’s Managing Member, Ruben Perez-Sanchez.

Estiatorio Milos was founded by acclaimed chef Costas Spiliadis who has made it an unparalleled culinary destination in cities such as New York, Montreal, Miami, Athens, Las Vegas and London.

Situated in the heart of South of fifth, Estiatorio Milos is renowned for its exceptional fish and seafood. Guests indulge in the refined Grecian culinary experience surrounded by elegance and distinct sophistication. Milos is located at 730 1st Street, Miami, Fl.

Elite Parking works continuously to successfully meet the demands of four and five star properties. This requires maintaining a consistent level of the service and making sure staff follows the highest standards of service across the board. Elite fully understands that their staff are a direct reflection of each clients’ reputation and brand.

Elite Parking exemplifies parking excellence during Azabu’s special event

Elite Parking oversaw an exclusive VIP party for Miami’s newest dining destination; Azabu. The pre-opening event was held on Oct. 24 and drew the attendance of some of the most well-known socialites in Miami, as well international guests.

According to Cansu Mihci, the General Manager of Azabu Miami Beach, the event was an ultra-VIP event, so it was very important that each guest’s overall experience was ‘white glove’ from beginning to end.

“Elite parking staff was very kind and helpful throughout the night. They provided great valet service for the event” said Mihci.

Azabu Miami Beach is Miami’s newest upscale sushi restaurant, which is set to open to the general public this October. The Michelin-starred concept is based out of New York and is from the same group that brought Lolo’s Surf Cantina to the Marriott Stanton South Beach.

The trendy, yet elegant restaurant will open inside the Stanton and include a hidden sushi counter, a formal dining room, and a chic cocktail bar. The Stanton is located on South Beach at 161 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL.

Elite Parking provides first-class Valet Parking Services including; highly trained personnel, equipment, insurance, and training for a world-class white-glove valet service that addresses and surpasses clients’ needs. If needed, Elite secures lots in adjacent areas to make sure that there is ample parking spaces available. Elite Parking combines advanced technology such as cloud surveillance with market expertise and unsurpassed professionalism.

Car Park Guidance System: Future of hotel parking

As the parking industry grows due to the need for more parking management solutions, professionals turn towards technology such as MSR-Traffic. The intelligent sensor helps to improve customer service and is making its way from shopping malls and airports to the hotel scene.

For many years, other high-traffic areas have offered their customers the option of a parking guidance system. Hotels may have little control over the booking or the arrival itself, but can significantly influence their guest’s experience after arriving at the hotel’s premises. Most guests are looking not only for a hotel that has a pleasant external appearance, but for a stress-free arrival as well.

“A valet and parking operation needs to operate smoothly from the minute a guest arrives until the time they leave a hotel. Especially when you are talking about four and five star hotels and condominiums,” said Ruben Perez-Sanchez, Elite Parking Managing Member.

For a guest who chooses to self-park, the search for a parking space can create a negative experience right from the get go. Parking guidance systems equipped with single-space sensors help to solve this issue. MSR works by alerting drivers when a parking space is taken by signaling the data to a controller. Drivers can then see on a real-time display exactly how many parking spaces are open and where they are located.

Unfortunately, the use of MSR-Traffic is limited to smaller parking areas, not large parking garages. Investing in this type of parking guidance system is particularly worthwhile for parking spaces with poor visibility or where drivers may face difficulties reversing when at full occupancy. It can also help guest who is unaware that there is still a parking space near the entrance, so they he unnecessarily park on neighboring streets.

This type of sensory technology may not only help guests in their quest for parking spaces, but may assist parking and property managers with gathering important data from a far.