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A senseless act over parking is an ever increasing site in South Florida. Recently a man who was asked not to park in a reserved residential parking area was viciously attacked.

The entire act was caught on surveillance video and shows a 69-year-old man being attacked after he told a visitor not to park in a reserved spot in front of his Hollywood beach apartment building.

Not only did the driver assault the elderly gentleman, but refused to move his car as well.

According to the article featured in the Miami Herald, police are now investigating the “vicious beating” of the senior citizen, whom police did not identify.

“This is a completely senseless act of violence over nothing,” said Christian Lata, a spokesman for Hollywood police. “It was a cowardly act.”

The unfortunate incident sheds light on an increasing problem that exists within the public parking sector.

According to Elite Parking’s Managing Member Ruben Perez-Sanchez, parking management companies can help alleviate unwanted visitor issues.

“Having valets manage visitor expectations, parking enforcement, etc., can help residents from experiencing the backlash of disgruntled visitor parking,” Sanchez.

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