Smart parking lots are the tech hub for the future

Often parking lots are viewed as a vast open space solely made for the purpose of parking vehicles, which may sit for hours, days, even weeks at a time. The parameters formerly set out of what parking lots are useful for have begun to change. In fact, many see them as the technological hubs of the future. Parking lots are invaluable when it comes to use of land and sustainability. City planners and parking professionals are finding ways to make every inch of these open spaces as an opportunity for smart, green sustainable growth.

According to Elite’s Parking’s Managing Partner Ruben Perez-Sanchez, smart technology is found in every area of people’s lives and it’s now making its way into the parking industry.

“Now people in the industry are altering their vision for these open spaces. Garage technology needs to progress past the simple use of smart meters and plate readers, to various encompass sustainable initiatives such as charging stations, smart benches, rainwater collectors and smart trash receptacles,” said Sanchez.

As the parking industry moves into the next decade it will have to rethink the future of parking lot design. There will be a call for the implementation of more green initiatives from landscape buffers to green walls, smart receptacles, traffic lights even recycled water. Investing in smart and sustainable practices in parking lots will promote higher green standards within the community.

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