Technology moves the parking industry light years ahead

Technology is key in parking

The parking industry has been transformed within the past few years, making it easier for parking professionals to meet the demands of property owners and their drivers who need to access, exit, and find parking. When parking facility operators, owners, and managers were recently polled, they all agreed that technology was the leading industry trend. Some of the most popular concerns included GPS and mobile phone technology, sensor space-monitoring systems, electronic payment, sensor and plans to accommodate electric vehicles.

A focus on environmental awareness

Technological improvements are not the only hot topic in parking and valet company news. Increasing environmental issues and assuming an active role in fostering sustainability in the community ranks at near second. Sustainability is a concern that’s shared globally, with many experts saying that on- and off-street guidance systems are the best way to assist in environmental conservation. These guidance systems assist drivers in parking faster and therefor reducing carbon emissions.

Smart parking solutions can ease traffic problems world-wide

One of the most influential societal influences on the parking sector is congestion. Areas such as Canada, Australia, and the U.S. viewed traffic congestion as the parking industries greatest future challenge. Finding more space and better service options can help dealing with this scarcity of space and resources. Another factor that influences industry standards is a shortage of qualified employees who have the necessary training.

The information obtained during the GPAL’s Global Parking Survey is not meant to just predict the future trends in parking, but serves as a valuable snapshot of the industry as a whole, allowing for future collaborative projects among parking associations around the world.

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